Clear Impact Publishing is now accepting book proposals for consideration

If you’ve been looking to publish your book and you have gotten fed up with all the alternatives, then we would like you to take a look at the service Clear Impact Publishing offers.

We work differently than other publishers. We partner with our authors and we are very committed to their success. We want you to know a couple things about the kind of people we can help, and in the interest of fair disclosure, the kind of people we would prefer not to do business with as well.

We can help you, above all, if you are already established in your field, and a new book or a first book would be helpful in the pursuit of your career, the development of your business, or the expansion of your vision. However, if you are a professional who is not widely recognized, that is if you are competent but the world doesn’t know how good you are and you’d like to stand out with the greater credibility and public exposure that a book offers, we’d really like to talk to you as well.

Third, if you have a message that you’re passionate about and, we want to put this delicately, we wouldn’t be embarrassed for our kids to read about, then we’d like to help you with that, too. As you can see, this encompasses a wide variety of sincere, committed people who have interest in publishing and can get some value from the process.

Now, let’s be honest and talk about the kind of people that we would NOT like to work with. If you’re simply looking for someone to print your book and you don’t want to even work with a publisher and enjoy the business advantages we offer, please don’t come to us. You can get a better deal somewhere else, and we’re not interested in working with you.

If you have an idea that’s way out and impractical, that is appealing to you, but is probably not going to appeal to a mainstream market or even a well-defined niche market, then you’re not for us either. And, if you have something that’s socially unacceptable, something that involves things that go outside the mainstream morals and values of society, there are plenty of other publishers. Again, we’re all for freedom of expression; we’re not for you.

If you do fit in to some of the above categories, namely you’re already established, you’d like to be established, or you have a message that you’re passionate about,please click on this link in order to go to the application page, and we look forward to talking to you soon.